Crystallin strives to meet a higher standard for quality light and energy conservation.

Using our technology, we can even create color spectrums that are customized for your home or business. Any desired color spectrum can be produced efficiently by using this technology to produce accurate color representation and resembling that of sunlight. Typical indoor lighting has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 or less, while Crystallin achieves an industry-leading CRI of 98+ for beautiful, bright and comfortable white light with no glare. Through our Crystallin phosphor film, we enhance the quality of your everyday lighting.

Our versatile liquid crystal technology redefines LED capabilities.  Crystallin® Film requires 25% less power for the same light output with less than 1% color temperature shift and less than 4% lumen drop over 6,000 hours. The Crystallin Film can deliver higher efficiency because our lyotropic chemistry enables a phosphor film that delivers 15% more blue to white light conversion efficiency. These films reduce costs, allow for a flexible form, and can be used for various applications by using 20-25% less phosphor when compared to competitors. Our goal is to emulate the power of the sun by recreating the effects of natural sunlight indoors. We bring beautiful, comfortable light into homes and offices at a much lower cost than other LEDs on the market is what we do best and the applications are endless.

Light Polymers

All of our ideas are conceived in our main entity, Light Polymers. Light Polymers is a nanochemistry startup based in Silicon Valley that has brought new liquid crystal chemistry to the market. Their breakthrough chemistry can dramatically improve light efficiency, reduce cost, and bring new applications to the market. Using this chemistry, our materials enhance OLED displays, improve the efficiency of LED lighting, and have a wide array of uses in various industries.

Light Polymers’ mission is to use lyotropic liquid crystal materials to offer healthy lighting in your home and color-perfect quality in your office, enhancing your day-to-day activities. Their goal is to bring to the market complete product solutions through strategic partnerships.

Many of our ideas are manufactured in our Research & Development Center here in Silicon Valley or in our Application Centers in Taiwan and Korea.