Putting the Spotlight on Orange Spectrum: Can Lighting Heighten Cognitive Function and Alertness?

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The varied color spectrum created by lighting fixtures can have a variety of effects on one’s cognitive function, some of these effects may be beneficial while others can be detrimental. The longer wavelengths found in orange lighting can increase your brain activity and alertness while blue and UV wavelengths can cause skin or eye damage, or have even more serious effects.

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The Effects of Blue Light on Circadian Disruption, Possibly Leading to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

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Overexposure to light at night may be contributing to breast cancer rates among women worldwide. This hypothesis is based on the idea that exposure to light at night results in melatonin suppression which could, in turn, increase breast cancer risk. According to the study Breast Cancer and Circadian Disruption from Electric Lighting in the Modern World published by the National Health Institute, “A convergence of research in cells, rodents, and humans suggests that the health consequences of circadian disruption may be substantial. An innovative experimental model has shown that light at night markedly increases the growth of human breast cancer xenografts in rats.”

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