Crystallin® Downlights Help an AVON Flagship Store Shine in Taiwan

AVON has opened a flagship store in Taiwan on 20 August 2017. Customers who have visited the store may notice its gentle and comfortable lighting. To care for the customers in every way, AVON specially chose to install Crystallin downlight products to illuminate their retail spaces.

Crystallin lights are a modern product line from Light Polymers, a nanochemistry innovator who has developed lyotropic materials that lower the costs and increase the efficiency of photonic light-conversion film. Crystallin lighting products offer high-quality light with lower power costs, all at an industry leading MSRP. A great customer experience in-store is closely tied to perception. Customers’ perceptions of AVON Taiwan’s flagship store, and the products it sells, are greatly enhanced by Light Polymers’ Crystallin downlights.

“AVON deeply cares about its customer experience, that is why AVON chose Crystallin Salon to light their retail spaces,” said Holly Yeh head of business development for Light Polymers in Taiwan. “Crystallin photonic LED light-conversion film has a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) which emulates the sun light and provides true vibrant colors that make customers happy! The Crystallin Salon lighting range has an added benefit of highlighting the human’s natural skin color tones, making it ideal for the beauty parlors where the customer’s look is of utmost importance. Another advantage of Crystallin photonic film is that it blocks light emissions in the shortwave part of the spectrum, such as harmful UV light. These wavelengths of light are undesirable and can be harmful to skin, vision and general health over time.”

“Customer experience is one of our highest priorities and Crystallin lights help us bring customer experience to the forefront in this flagship store. By eliminating harmful UV and blue light emission, Crystallin lighting also promotes skin health,” said Sean Chen, Senior Marketing Manager at AVON Taiwan. “Additionally, Crystallin lighting provides our customers with museum-quality light that shows products in their true colors.”

Crystallin products are made possible by unique patented lyotropic technology. This technology lowers production costs for LED lighting by simplifying the manufacturing processes. Current competing down-conversion films are made from a silicone resin, using two combined components with phosphor admixtures. The standard films employed are not very efficient at emitting the desired spectra (light wavelengths) and additionally, they emit heat due to index matching losses. The creation of these types of film is an expensive, low yield and time-consuming process. In addition, the manufacturing process requires toxic chemicals and special tools. Light Polymers’ proprietary lyotropic technology increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process while being environmentally safe.

Crystallin downlights are available online and through select distributors in Asia now and will debut in the US in November. Visit for more details and ordering spectrum specific custom LED lighting.