Crystallin Gold97 Task Light Delivers High-Quality, Affordable Lighting

The Crystallin® Gold97 Task Light delivers safe, comfortable and high-quality light at an affordable price. This light uses an innovative liquid-crystal-based film developed by Light Polymers that is designed to reduce eye fatigue. Light Polymers’ Crystallin film produces evenly diffused lighting, making it perfect for daily use. These high-quality lights emit very uniform light, free of harsh LED glare and are flicker-free as well.

With an industry-leading Color Rendering Index rating of 97, the Crystallin Gold 97 task light brings full color to your desktop, giving you a breakthrough experience of full color for your work and photos. The Gold97 spectrum produces sun-like light and superior color accuracy. This makes it the preferred lighting spectrum for those who participate in color dependent tasks like choosing paints, furnishings, clothes, photos, or your artwork if you are a painter! Quality lighting is important when dealing with any kind of visual artwork or hobby. The Crystallin Gold97 Task Light not only helps you to see what you are doing but also allows you to view the real or full colors you are working with so that you can have the best results.

All Crystallin task lights are IEC-62471 certified, meaning they are LED products that emit gentle, eye-safe light that blocks most harmful UV and blue wavelengths <420nm. The phosphor film used for all Crystallin study and task lights delivers high efficiency because it produces more blue to white light conversion in comparison to current encapsulated LEDs. Blue light contains some of the shortest and most harmful wavelengths, posing a threat to eye safety. The Crystallin Gold97 Task Light is the preferred lighting for long hours of tedious work as it is the most comfortable, safe and high-quality light at an affordable price.

Lights of this quality can be incredibly expensive, but they don’t have to be. The Crystallin Gold97 Task Light maintains its affordable price despite its high quality, CRI rating, and color accuracy. You can pre-order this task light online on

About Light Polymers
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