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Light Polymers’ Crystallin® Grow Technology Enters The Market

Light Polymers, nanochemistry startup and lighting innovator, has released the first type of LED-based horticultural grow-light using the Crystallin Grow Technology – the Crystallin Grow Downlight. Crystallin Grow is a LED downlight specifically tuned to optimal plant-growing light spectra, providing plants the light they need with lower power consumption and a lower thermal signature. The advantages the Crystallin Grow Technology provides in output are delivered at a lower MSRP than competing LED home-grow lighting products. Not only do lower heat and power requirements mean Crystallin Grow products save on energy costs, but their thermal efficiency means that they can be used closer to plants without burning them and arrayed more densely than competing lights.

As part of our lab and applications testing, Light Polymers has set up a small herb-growing operation internally to test the physical characteristics of the lights (power consumption and heat output) and the effects of the lights on growing common small plants. The herbs are in a self-contained drip-irrigation system where they can easily be accessed and observed during the trials. The test used three 11.5W lights with two different spectra – the CG-02 general spectrum and CG-04 supplementary spectrum with peaks in the blue and red regions only. As seen in the photographs, the spectra produced different leaf growth patterns in the plants, producing shorter, fuller leaves under the CG-02 spectrum and faster growth under the CG-04 spectrum.

Light Polymers is delivering cutting-edge products to the lighting industry from home and office lighting to professional horticultural lighting products. With Crystallin Grow consumer lighting and GrowBlade™ professional horticultural lights, Light Polymers provides innovative products for vertical farms and other indoor growing operations, whether for a home project or a production farming operation. The GrowBlade lights, which are in beta testing now and will become available in early 2018, will provide lower initial purchase costs for installation and significant operating cost savings for commercial growing operation. Energy efficient products like GrowBlade and Crystallin Grow Downlight are poised to be significant market players. Check out our Crystallin Grow Downlight page for the consumer product, the Crystallin GrowBlade page for the commercial product, or other blog articles in the News section for more discussions and customer experience with GrowBlade lights.