Less Eye Strain at Night Beneath Orange Light

Sunlight is made up of a rainbow of colors from deep blues to bright reds and all the colors in between which, when combined, make up “white light”. The blue light rays in this spectrum are most prevalent during the brightest part of the day which creates our blue skies. Artificial lighting produced by indoor lighting and our computers, tablets, phones and televisions emit mostly blue light that is made up of shorter wavelengths that can disturb our circadian rhythm. With LED lighting being somewhat of a new invention, overexposure to this blue light at night can confuse our bodies by suppressing melatonin production and disrupting our sleep patterns.

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) comparing the effects of reading an iPad versus a paper book before bed concluded, “Overall, we found that the use of portable light-emitting devices immediately before bedtime has biological effects that may perpetuate sleep deficiency and disrupt circadian rhythms, both of which can have adverse impacts on performance, health, and safety.

According to an article by All About Vision, our eyes are not designed to block blue light and almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens, reaching the retina. This penetration of the retina by blue light can damage the light-sensitive cells located there, potentially causing changes that resemble macular degeneration and lead to vision loss.

A popular deterrent for this overexposure to blue light after dark are products like orange glasses that hope to improve sleeping patterns and reduce the harmful effects of blue light. There is even software that has been developed to reduce blue light from your monitor and protect against macular degeneration.

The Crystallin® Orange Study Light takes the same approach to reduce exposure to harmful blue light by using an innovative liquid crystal-based film developed by Light Polymers called Crystallin. This film is what makes this study-task light the superior choice in desktop lighting for long hours of study or work. The unique orange spectrum is better for your eyes as it reduces eye fatigue. All Crystallin study and task lights are IEC-62471 certified, meaning they are LED products that emit gentle, eye-safe light without flicker or harmful blue and UV light <420nm.

You can experience the benefits from our orange light spectrum first-hand by ordering our Orange Study Light today on Amazon. To learn more about the technology behind the Crystallin Liquid Crystal Film used in our Orange Task Light, take a look at our technology page. Contact us with any more questions that you may have.