How It Works

Light comes from the electromagnetic spectrum, which is comprised of short and long wavelengths measured in nanometers as shown below.

Blue LED’s have revolutionized Residential and Commercial Lighting, Flat Panel Displays such as HDTV’s, Automotive Lighting and many other products. All of these products use blue LED with encapsulated phosphors that convert the blue light to white light. While the encapsulated LED approach works very well, there are side effects. These side effects include heat generation, which affects the quality of the light produced by the LED over time. Also, not all of this blue light is safe for your eyes. While some blue light is not harmful, scientific studies show that UV and Blue Light <420nm causes longterm damage to your eyes. There are both safe light spectra and harmful types of light, such as <420nm blue and UV light, glare or reflected light.


Crystallin Liquid Crystal Film Technology

The Crystallin phosphor film uses liquid crystal nanochemistry developed by Light Polymers that makes light more useful and efficient. Lyotropic liquid crystals are a foundational chemistry platform with unique properties that improve products and lower costs for the LED lighting industry. The building materials and biotechnology industries utilize this chemistry as well for LCD/OLED Displays.

The Crystallin film is made up of Light Polymers’ lyotropic liquid crystals that have a high-temperature stability, enabling its use for unique applications. We achieve this OLED/LED technology by using a molecular alignment mechanism that does not require complex equipment.

This same chemistry is used to create our thin phosphor-photonic films that deliver 20% more blue to white light conversion efficiency by using 20% less phosphor. With the down-conversion of blue light, our technology provides comfortable, low glare lighting with high CRI color rendering temperatures at an affordable price. These lighting products have no blue-light leakage and produce a more stable color shift and lumen maintenance with increased reliability and lower costs.